IDA's Path thru Upper Dublin 

Ida's Damage CI Hero Slide 


First and foremost, we hold in the Light all of our neighbors, Friends and friends throughout the greater Philadelphia region, and the country, who have been impacted by Hurricane Ida.  We know, first hand, the power of a tornado, and know that we were spared by the destruction that is impacting hundreds of thousands (if not millions) in our country.  We truly recognize how fortunate our "village" was with truly minimal impact to us.  The loss of cherished VERY OLD trees saddens us, but the fact that so many of our congregants who were in the path, survived unhurt, is our primary concern, and the loss of a neighbor is weighing on our hearts.

We are receiving inquiries about the meetinghouse and burial grounds, and have put together a few of the slides to let you see first hand. 

We hope this will prevent anyone from feeling the need to visit the property.  First Responders, utility companies, and township officials are still working hard to clear-up the mess, so staying off the local roads will aide in the recovery efforts.  AND -- the grounds are still unsafe. 

We have many limbs caught in trees, and many branches and tree trunks still strewn across the grounds, so please reach out for more information, but please don't visit the meetinghouse or burial grounds.

Below is the slideshow (in video form) of some of the property damage.  Disregard the "spacebar" instructions on the slide, the video should just play.  That being said, we do recommend you Pause (hitting the space bar will stop playback) on the second slide to read our update, then continue by hitting the spacebar again to resume playback.  You can "linger" on any slide by just using the spacebar to stop and start the video. 

Should you have any questions, please do email us at UpperDublinQuakers (click this link) and we will happily provide photos of your family members' headstone(s), if possible/available.


You can also check back here for more information, and watch our social media sites, as well.

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