What we Believe


We believe that every person is loved by the Divine Spirit.  There are Quakers of all ages, religious backgrounds, races, education, sexual orientations, gender identities, and classes... You are welcome to join us as you are.
                                                - Friends General Conference's Newcomer Card

The Religious Society of Friends is a community of faith based on experience of a transforming power named many ways: the Inner Light, the Spirit of Christ, the Guide, the Living God, the Divine Presence, the Spirit That Moves in All Things, Creator.  Friends are open to an ongoing relationship with God and seek to live according to the leadings of the Spirit.

Membership includes openness to an ongoing relationship with God and willingness to live one’s life according to the leadings of the Spirit. For generations of Friends, membership has been an outward sign of an inward experience of Christ, the “true light which gives light to everyone” (John 1:9). In recent decades, many Friends have moved from a Christocentric faith to a Theocentric one, with many meetings and members becoming more Universalist than Christian.

Friends have proclaimed from the beginning that every person is endowed with the capacity to enter directly, without mediator or mediation, into an empowering holy communion with God.